Code of Conduct

Being a professionally run company, effective Board oversight and sound corporate governance practices are inherent to the organization.

SKIL CAPITAL LIMITED believes in conducting its business with integrity and fairness. SKIL CAPITAL LIMITED is transparent in all its transactions and makes all the essential disclosures and decisions complying with the laws of the land. The company is accountable and responsible towards the stakeholders and committed to conducting its business honestly and in an ethical manner.

SKIL CAPITAL LIMITED is focused on maximizing returns on assets, while effectively managing inherent risks. SKIL CAPITAL LIMITED understands that for efficient and responsible decision making and execution, it is imperative to develop good governance structures and best-in-class processes that have strong reliance on ethics and value systems. The company emphasizes on appropriate, timely disclosures and transparency in business dealings. The systems, policies and frameworks are regularly upgraded to effectively meet the challenges of rapid growth in complex environment.


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